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What is Title Insurance
A Basic Overview

Your purchase of a title insurance policy is required by your lending institution. Today’s nationwide mortgage practices have made title insurance a necessary part of the residential closing and escrow process in most cases in Ohio.

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Is Title Insurance
Necessary for Buyers?


I recently read an article in the Real Estate section about what buyers should know before closing. The article, however, did not deal with the question of title insurance for the buyer, as opposed to the lender. Does it make sense for the buyer to pay for owner’s title insurance even though the lender is requiring its own title policy?

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Why Choose
First American Title?

First American Title Insurance Company (“First American Title” or the “Company”) is the largest domestic title insurance company in the state of Ohio. The Company traces its roots back to 1955 when operations began in Dayton. Since then, the headquarters have moved and operations have expanded into Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

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