Your purchase of a title insurance policy is required by your lending institution. Today’s nationwide mortgage practices have made title insurance a necessary part of the residential closing and escrow process in most cases in Ohio.

There are two types of title insurance policies: one to protect the lender and one to protect the owner of the home.  you are required to provide a policy that protects the lender. You are encouraged to purchase an additional policy which will protect you.

A Title Insurance Policy is issued after researching the abstract of title (document history) to the land in question.  The title policy: (1) insures the accuracy and sufficiency of the abstract; (2) insures the correctness and sufficiency of the examination of the title; (3) insures against matters outside the scope of the abstract, such as matters of survey and facts disclosed by a personal inspection of the premises and in some instances municipal taxes and assessments and; (4) insures against unknown heirs, secret marriages, legal disabilities, false personalities, and numerous other claims and interests of similar nature.